The Catholic University of America

Faculty of the Honors Program


Students in the University Honors Program are taught by the most distinguished faculty CUA has to offer.  Faculty from all across the University teach honors courses.  Below is a list of faculty by school and department.  Students are often inspired by these zealous individuals both inside and outside the classroom. 


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Faculty by School & Department




Department of Art

Nora Heimann, Ph.D.
Art History, City University of New York


Benjamin T. Rome School of Music

Andrew Weaver, Ph.D.
Musicology, Yale University


Department of Biology

J. Michael Mullins, Ph.D.
Microbiology, University of Texas at Austin


School of Business and Economics

Andrew Abela, Ph.D.
Economics, University of Virginia

Maria S. Aguirre, Ph.D.
Economics, University of Notre Dame

Martha Cruz-Zuniga, Ph.D. 

Economics, Western Michigan University

Kevin Forbes, Ph.D.
Economics, University of Maryland

Ernest M. Zampelli, Ph.D.
Economics, University of Maryland


School of Canon Law

Ken Pennington, Ph.D.
Ecclesiastical and Legal History, Cornell University


Center for the Study of Early Christianity

Philip H. Rousseau, Ph.D.
Study of Early Christianity, Oxford University


Department of Chemistry

Aaron Barkatt, Ph.D.
Chemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Department of Education

John J. Convey, Ph.D.
Education, Florida State University


Department of English

Daniel Gibbons, Ph.D.
English, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Tobias Gregory, Ph.D.

English, University of Michigan

Glen Johnson, Ph.D.
English, Indiana University

Michael Mack, Ph.D.
English, Columbia University

Taryn Okuma, Ph.D.
English, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Joseph Sendry, Ph.D.
English, Harvard University

Stephen K. Wright, Ph.D.
English, Comparative Literature, University of Indiana


Department of History

Katherine L. Jansen, Ph.D.
History, Princeton University

Michael C. Kimmage, Ph.D.
History, Harvard University

Jerry Muller, Ph.D.
History, Columbia University

Caroline R. Sherman, Ph.D.
History, Princeton University

Leslie Tentler, Ph.D.
History, University of Michigan


Department of Greek and Latin

William Klingshirn, Ph.D.
Classics, Stanford University

William J. McCarthy, Ph.D.
Greek and Latin, The Catholic University of America


Department of Mathematics

Sherif El-Helaly, Ph.D.
Mathematics, McMaster University, Canada

J. Prasad Senesi, Ph.D.
Mathematics, University of California, Riverside


Department of Media Studies

Jennifer Fleeger, Ph.D.
Film Studies, University of Iowa

Alexander T. Russo, Ph.D.
Media Studies, Brown University


Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

Claudia Bornholdt, Ph.D.

German, Indiana University, Bloomington

Kerstin T. Gaddy, Ph.D.
German Literature and Linguistics, Georgetown University

Daniel García-Donoso, Ph.D.

Spanish, Yale University

Stefania Lucamante, Ph.D.

Italian and Comparative Literature, The Catholic University of America

Peter Shoemaker, Ph.D.
French, Princeton University


School of Philosophy

Fr. James Brent, O.P., Ph.D.

Philosophy, St. Louis University

Jean DeGroot, Ph.D.
Philosophy, Harvard University

Gregory T. Doolan, Ph.D.
Philosophy, The Catholic University of America

Therese-Anne Druart, Ph.D.
Philosophy, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium

Michael Gorman, Ph.D.
Theology, Boston College; Philosophy, State University of New York, Buffalo

Tobias Hoffmann, Ph.D.
Philosophy, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Cristina Ionescu, Ph.D.

Philosophy, University of Guelph, Ontario

V. Bradley Lewis, Ph.D.
Philosophy, University of Notre Dame

John McCarthy, Ph.D.
Philosophy, The Catholic University of America

Angela McKay Knobel, Ph.D.
Philosophy, University of Notre Dame

Timothy B. Noone, Ph.D.
Philosophy, University of Toronto

Michael Rohlf, Ph.D.
Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania

Jeffrey Dirk Wilson, Ph.D.
Philosophy, The Catholic University of America

Matthias Vorwerk, Ph.D.
Philosophy, University of Munster, Germany

Kevin White, Ph.D.

Philosophy, University of Ottawa


Department of Politics

Dennis Coyle, Ph.D.
Political Science, University of California, Berkeley

Maryann Cusimano Love, Ph.D.

International Relations, Johns Hopkins University

Stephen Schneck, Ph.D.
Political Science, University of Notre Dame

David J. Walsh, Ph.D.
Political Science, University of Virginia


Department of Psychology

Deborah Clawson, Ph.D.
Psychology, University of Colorado, Boulder

Marc Sebrechts, Ph.D.
Psychology, Yale University


Department of Semitic and Egyptian Languages and Literature

Rev. Sidney Griffith, S.T., Ph.D.
Semitics, The Catholic University of America


School of Theology and Religious Studies

Rev. Regis J. Armstrong, O.F.M. Cap., Ph.D.
Historical Theology and Spirituality, Fordham University

William Barbieri, Ph.D.
Religious Studies, Yale University

Joseph Capizzi, Ph.D.
Theology, University of Notre Dame

William Dinges, Ph.D.
Religious Studies, University of Kansas

Sister Margaret Mary Kelleher, O.S.U., Ph.D.
Religious Studies, The Catholic University of America

Rev. Nicholas Lombardo, O.P., Ph.D.
Divinity, University of Cambridge

Rev. Msgr. Paul McPartlan, S.T.L., Ph.D.
Theology, Pontifical Gregorian University, Oxford University

Robert Miller II, O.F.S., Ph.D
Theology, University of Michigan

Rev. Michael Witczak, S.L.D.
Theology, Pontifical Liturgical Institute in Rome