The Catholic University of America

Honors Admissions Requirements

McMahon Hall

The University Honors Program is highly selective. In choosing each year's honors class, we look for students who possess a natural curiosity, genuine interest in learning, high energy, leadership abilities, and good grades in high school.

A separate application to the Honors Program is not required for incoming freshmen. Acceptance into the program is based on the contents of the freshman application for admission to the University.  




Prospective Students

Requirements for prospective students.

  • No application necessary

New applicants to Catholic University do not submit an application to the Honors Program. Invitations to the Honors Program will be sent to students based on the strength of the application, with a particular emphasis on the academic record. Admission to the Honors Program is highly selective and focuses primarily on the candidate's high school career.

The quality of the high school curriculum, GPA, and class rank (if provided) are the foundation of the review. Catholic University is test-optional for admission, scholarship and Honors Program consideration, and students who do not submit scores will not be penalized in the selection process. 

Home-schooled Students 

Home-schooled students have been some of the most successful Honors students and will be given full consideration for membership in the Honors Program.

Current Students

Requirements for current students.

  • Application required
  • 3.5 GPA
  • One's current standing must be either:
    • Freshman
    • Sophomore

Current students seeking admission into the Honors Program must submit an application to the Honors Office.  An interview with the Honors Program Director is also required.  This will be scheduled after the application is received.

Applications may be submitted during either the fall or spring semester of your freshman or sophomore year.  However, students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to the Honors Program in order to take advantage of all the benefits, especially Honors courses. Applications are considered on a rolling basis.  Refer to the timelines below to see when you can apply!.

  • Deadlines
    • Fall semester: November 1st
    • Spring semester: April 1st

Academically, students must have achieved a minimum 3.5 GPA after the completion of one semester of full-time enrollment at CUA in order to be considered for the Honors Program.  (Freshmen during their first semester may apply as soon as mid-term grades have been posted.

Please complete the application.


Transfer Students

Requirements for transfer students.

  • Application required
  • 3.5 GPA

Transfer students seeking admission into the Honors Program do not recieve automatic consideration.  The student must submit an application to the Honors Office.

Academically, students must have achieved a minimum 3.5 GPA.

Applications must be submitted to the Honors Program by the date that applicants deposit to CUA.*  The deadlines are:

  • January 15th- Early Decision
  • May 1st- Early Action and Regular Decision

Please complete the application.

*Critical dates and explanations Early Action, Early Decision, and Regular Decision can be found here.