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The Honors Residential Community


The Honors Residential Community (HRC) is an active community of Honors students who are dedicated to academic excellence and fellowship. Students who live in the HRC find that being surrounded by similarly motivated classmates keeps them grounded, aids their studies, and contributes to solid friendships. In addition, students living in the HRC get involved in a wide variety of other campus communities through their various clubs and sports and through the students whom they befriend in their major classes. They are frequently involved in service to the university or wider community. First-year students in the Honors Program generally choose to live in the HRC.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary activities of the HRC?

The core activities of the Honors Residential Community include peer-facilitated study groups, Friday afternoon events, and trips to various attractions in the D.C. area. These activities and events are facilitated by a team of faculty, staff, and students.

Every Friday at 4pm, the HRC hosts an event for Honors students: either Afternoon Tea or The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Culture.

  • Afternoon Tea is hosted by the Faculty-in-Residence and his family. This relaxing social time allows students to get to know one another better and chat about everything from their latest philosophy class to the latest movie release.
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Culture provides an opportunity for students to hear their professors’ takes on popular culture, and oftentimes their interesting hobbies as well. These interactive presentations have included an English professor’s adventures in running with the bulls, a Business professor’s service in the Swiss Guard with St. Pope John Paul II, and a Philosophy professor’s bluegrass harmonica concert.

In addition, a team of students organizes the Honors Dinner Symposia for their classmates two or three times per semester. Everyone is invited to sit down with one of their favorite professors and enjoy a home-cooked meal.

All Honors students, whether or not they live in the HRC, are encouraged to attend Friday Afternoon Tea, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Culture, and the Honors Symposia, as well as any events and activities sponsored by the UHP office.

What is the living situation?

The HRC is located in Unanue House, for women, and McDonald House, for men, within Centennial Village. Students are thus in the most central part of campus, and have only a short walk to the Pryz and to many of their classes. Rooms in the HRC consist of a spacious double bedroom, connected to another double bedroom by a shared private bathroom. For more information on the layout, see the Housing Services website.

Students may choose to live in the HRC after their freshman year, and if so are guaranteed housing, but must have lived in the HRC for the entirety of their time at the university thus far.

I am an incoming freshman. How do I apply for the HRC?

After you submit your deposit, you will receive a form from Housing Services, usually in late May. Simply list the Honors residence as your first choice for housing.