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Honors Program Requirements

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In order to graduate with honors, a student must be in good standing at the time of graduation and complete at least one of the sequences outlined on our curriculum page.  For further information about graduating with honors or becoming a University Scholar, please see our recognition page.

Students with GPAs lower than a 3.5 will not receive track honors at graduation.  In order to remain in the University Honors Program, students must maintain this 3.5 GPA throughout their enrollment.  Students who maintain a GPA of 3.2-3.49 are considered on probation.  These students may remain in the UHP, but will not receive Honors at the time of graduation.
Do I need to balance Honors requirements with my major and minor?
Honors Program Students must keep up with the requirements of their major(s) and minor(s). Honors Program courses often overlap with degree requirements and sometimes for courses in a given major.
What requirements can Honors courses fulfill?
Depending on your school and your major, honors courses may fulfill general education requirements, substitute for courses in your major, or count as free electives. You will receive regular credit for any of the courses you take in the program. The UHP staff can help you determine how best to fit honors courses into your regular program of study.
Is attendance at Honors events required?
It is not a requirement for a student to participate in Honors Program events but it is strongly encouraged as the events add much to the communal aspect of our program.
Will honors courses be too hard?
Honors courses dive deep into the material, making them both more challenging and more rewarding than non-honors courses. The students in the Honors Program contribute to robust discussions, and honors faculty provide valuable insight and feedback. Though you may be challenged, honors courses will encourage you to rise to the occasion.
Will taking Honors courses make my GPA suffer?
It is possible, but the UHP staff is first and foremost concerned with your academic success.  Additionally, when you graduate, the rigor of honors courses is taken into account for the purpose of calculating Latin honors (cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude).  
How do I get Honors courses to fit into my schedule?
This is best handled on a case-by-case basis.  During your first year, your undergraduate advisor will assist you.  During your sophomore through senior years, a UHP staff member will be available for academic advising. 
Students receive regular credit for all of the courses they take in the Honors program. Depending on the school and major, Honors courses may fulfill distribution requirements, substitute for courses in their major, or count as free electives.
For more details about department requirements, visit your school's home page: