The Catholic University of America

Current Students:

Advising Instructions for Fall 2015

Regan Hall

Advising Appointments:


Email Lisa Campbell, your undergraduate advisor

Sophomores & Juniors:

 Use this link to setup an appointment with the Honors Program.


Feel free to stop by the Honors Program to setup an appointment to chat about your future plans.  Keep an eye out for a "senior only" email!




Fall 2015 Honors Courses

Equivalency Chart (This tells you what Honors courses count towards your major or other tracking sheet requirements)


Program Wide Advising Meeting Resources

PowerPoint Presentation

Dublin Course Handout

Spring Calendar of Events Handout

Important Notes:

HSTR Email

If you are interested in HSTR courses in Fall 2015 please be sure to check your email!  You must reply to the email in order to get on the waitlist in advance!

Philosophy majors:

Please try to schedule your advising appointments with Honors after spring break.  This will allow your own department to better advise you.


Tips and Instructions:

First-Year Students:

· You must setup your advising appointment with Lisa Campbell
· A hold will be on your account until you have met with both Lisa and your major advisor
· Please email her with a few days and times you are free to make an appointment:
· She will begin taking appointments beginning February 23rd
· There are two program-wide advising meetings- you must attend one of them:

a. Monday, Feburary 23rd 5:00-6:00pm in Hannan 108

b. Tuesday, February 24th 5:00-6:00pm in McMahon 200


Sophomore & Junior Advising instructions:


1. If you plan on taking an Honors course in Fall 2015 then you will need to sign-up for an appointment.

2. Please make every effort to meet with your major advisor before scheduling your appointment with us.

3. Use this link to schedule your appointment:

4. If you are unsure about taking an Honors course come talk to us about your options!


Notes for all Honors Students:

· Check out the course packet of Honors courses for Fall 2015.

· Advising with the UHP is distinct from departmental advising. You will have to meet with your major advisor separately (preferably first).

· Every student must have an advising appointment before registering for an Honors class

· Honors classes are locked until you are granted permission to take an Honors class.

· Honors Students can register for classes on March 23rd.


Study Abroad:

If you are studying abroad please email with your proposed classes for Fall 2015.


If you plan on studying abroad in Rome in Fall 2015 then you will need to setup an advising appointment if you plan on taking Honors