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Spring Break International Seminars

Spring Break 2017: Berlin

The Spring Break trip to Berlin will take place from March 5-11, 2018. More details about the trip will be posted shortly. Interested students should consider taking HSLS 350 of the Fall semester to enhance their experience, though the class is not required for the trip.
HSLS 350: Berlin in Literature and Film 
For the last 150 years, the city of Berlin has been the political and cultural center of Germany and Europe. The course explores the turbulent history of the city through its architecture, literature, films, and the creative arts. Discussions will focus on Berlin as the capital city (Prussian monarchy, Weimar Republic, Third Reich, and contemporary Germany); the divided and reunited city; Berlin as a meeting point for diverse religions, ethnicities, and ideologies; and the city's multicultural history. The course will be taught in English; counts as a literature, humanities, and European Studies elective.