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Spring Break International Seminars

Spring Break 2019: London

The Spring Break trip to Berlin will take place from March 9-17, 2019. 
For more information and to start an application, see CUAbroad.
Though not required for the trip, interested students should consider taking HSLS 351 in the Fall 2018 semester to enhance their experience.
This course charts the development of London from its establishment by the Romans on the banks of the river Thames in 50 A.D. to its emergence as a global city in the 21st century. We’ll explore the city through primary sources, including archaeology, journalism, memoirs, fiction, legislation, and film, and through the work of social and cultural historians. Emphasis will be upon London since 1750, and topics covered include: the enormous growth of the city in the 1800s; the transformation of the Victorian city through gas, light, and water; the emergence of London as a playground for the rich and a home for the working poor; the city as battleground -- of total war between 1939 and 1945 -- and of governance in the 1970s; and the remaking of the city as a repository of wealth for global elites.